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FotoOne of our main projects in English this year was the Madagascar Project. First, we watched the "Madagascar" film. Almost everyone had seen it before, so it was easy to work on the following portfolio. One of the tasks was to create our own animals and give them special characteristics. Then we formed eight groups, each one consisted of 2 to 5 people.

We had to write a script, including some characters from the film as well as one of our own characters, and perform the new scene in different ways. Some people filmed it and showed it to the class and there were two groups, which made a puppet show, featuring the main characters, as well as our own ones.

Watching the various films and shows was great fun. Especially after many hours of work, like editing, writing the script, filming and getting dressed. Some projects were very creative, which made them even more spectacular.

After all, it was a great experience and we are looking forward to other projects like this.

Klara, 3a

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