FotoIm heurigen Schuljahr hatten wir den Amerikaner Eero (so wie "bow and arrow") Arum aus New York City als Sprachassistenten für Englisch an unserer Schule. Eero belebte zahlreiche Englisch-Stunden durch spannende Präsentationen und anregende Diskussionsthemen.

Im Namen aller Englischklassen und aller Englischlehrerinnen, die mit Eero zusammenarbeiten durften, bedanke ich mich ganz herzlich für die gute Zusammenarbeit und den abwechslungsreichen Unterricht!

Thanks so much for your effort and DO come back to Stockerau next year!

Mag. Petra Szucsich

Und hier ein Text von Eero selbst über seine Eindrücke und Erfahrungen während seines Jahres an unserer Schule:

It has been a privilege to spend my first year teaching English with such a motivated and intellectually curious group of students. Since arriving here this fall, I have often been impressed not only by your advanced language skills, but also by your willingness to engage in challenging discussions around politics, society, philosophy, and literature. It has been a joy to read Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Wilde with some of you, to discuss the pros and cons of cultural globalization with others, and to listen to all of you make up intricate stories about capybaras. I enjoyed exchanging music recommendations, showing you clips from my favorite movies, and teaching you how to talk like an 85 year-old New Yorker. Since I'll be sticking around until June 2020, I'm looking forward to doing all of this again next year!

To my graduating 8th form students: I wish you the best of luck out there in "the world." Let's stay in touch!

And, last but not least, to the teachers who mentored me throughout the year: Thank you so much for helping me adjust to this job, for modeling exemplary teaching, and for granting me so much freedom in designing my own lessons and testing out new ideas. It's been a great year!

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