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FotoOur journey began with a two-hour flight from Vienna to Heathrow and later on, we met our host-families in Greenwich. Depending on where we stayed, some of us had to go by bus or train to get to school. If you missed the bus or train you wouldn’t have to wait for the next one as long as in Austria.

The underground system, on the other hand, was a bit complex. Our travel cards were essential for entering the subway. We needed them to get through the scanners. For some that didn’t work, causing quite some excitement, but overall, we could handle the situations.

While in London, we did not stay in a hotel, but with host families. They welcomed us very warmly. The first thing they did was to show us our rooms and the bathroom. During the first two days they did not talk with us that much, but after a while, they started to ask us how our day had been and what we had seen. They were very busy, living their normal, everyday lives during our stay. They got up in the morning with their children, then they made breakfast for us. They went to work late and that is why they came home very late in the evening. Sometimes they were not home by the time we came back from our trips. All in all, they were really nice, only somewhat restrained, and they tried their best to make our time in London special.

Every day from 9:15 am to 12:30 pm we were in school. Our class was split into two groups. Our teachers’ names were Nathan and Marjan. On our first day, they showed us the school building and where the fire exits were. During our lessons, we learned about London and many other interesting topics. On our last day, we needed to come up with some questions about the education system and then go out and ask strangers about their experience. That was the best lesson!

We also visited the City of London. Even though our 19 hours there weren’t much, we convinced Prof. Bolyos to lie on the glass floor of the Tower Bridge, took interesting photos, however, not in front of Big Ben but in Madame Tussaud’s, and instead of visiting Buckingham Palace we went to the Hard Rock Café. After one of us got lost in the British Museum, we had some time left to visit the sights we wanted to see on our own.

We loved our week in London and can recommend going there to everyone, no matter what their age or interests.


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