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FotoEnde Mai mussten wir leider von unserem Englisch Sprachassistenten Sam Mazzarella (er hatte italienische Vorfahren!) Abschied nehmen. Sam belebte zahlreiche Englisch-Stunden durch spannende Präsentationen und angeregte Diskussionen. Aber auch sein musikalisches Talent (Sam spielt Klavier und Orgel) beeindruckte Lehrer/innen und Schüler/innen. Hier ein paar Fotos von seiner "Farewell Lesson" in der 6B.

Im Namen aller Englischklassen und aller Englischlehrerinnen bedanken wir uns ganz herzlich für die gute Zusammenarbeit und den abwechslungsreichen Unterricht! Thanks so much and do come back!

Und - hier noch ein Text darüber, wie Sam sein Jahr in Österreich erlebt hat:

My year in Stockerau

My name is Sam Mazzarella, and I have been the English Teaching Assistant at the Gymnasium Stockerau since October. I first came to Austria in 2014 to work in Horn, and I had such a positive experience there that I decided to stay here for a second year. I come from New York State and I will be returning there in June.
My second year in Austria has been even more rewarding than my first. During my first year, I spent a lot of time learning German and adjusting to the Austrian way of life, but by the end of the year I felt comfortable here. This meant that during my second year I could focus on making the most of my time in Austria, which I have done by traveling to places like Salzburg and the Wachau, attending wine tastings here in the Weinviertel, and visiting Vienna almost every weekend.
Of course, this year would not have been nearly so much fun without the friendly students and teachers at the Gymnasium Stockerau. It has been a pleasure to work with such talented and kind teachers, who made me feel welcome from the beginning. It has also been wonderful to have students who are so enthusiastic and who speak such good English! I had a lot of fun discussing the differences between American and Austrian culture with them - I was happy to learn from my students that Austrians do not eat schnitzel with noodles (a common misunderstanding in America), and I hope that my students will remember that not all Americans eat every meal at McDonald’s and vote for Donald Trump.
Unfortunately I cannot stay in Austria for another year, so I will be returning to America at the beginning of June. After two years in Austria, it will be strange for me not to speak any German, or to see anyone wearing lederhosen, but I’m looking forward to sharing all of my experiences with my family and friends.

Mag. Petra Szucsich, Sam Mazzarella

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