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FotoIn December and January of this year we had a Madagascar project in English class. First we watched the movie and then we did some worksheets on the film and the characters. Our last exercise was to make a video with a new Madagascar character. We also wrote our own film scripts and after that filmed our scenes. For our films we invented the following new characters: Larry the Terrible, Blind Billy, the bling monkey, Sunny, the giraffe, Bamboo, the panda, Seth, a phantasy animal, and Blinding Brightness (or Bree), a flamingo. We all had a lot of fun. Every group used a different filming technique like green screen technology, real life acting and puppets.

After we had filmed our scenes we prepared them for a presentation in class. We had to talk and reflect about what went well and what was hard about the filming process and what kind of costumes and props we had used. On the day of the presentation we also had a little party and a lot of people dressed up as “their” Madagascar character. The project really was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it!

Madagascar fans of class 3a

Mag. Gallai, Mag. Szucsich

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